Question: Do you own WoWTv.sx?
Answer: No we do not. We simply sell the service.

Question: I forgot my wowtv.sx username/password, how can I get that reset?
Answer: Not a problem we can help you reset the password or retreive your username, simply contact us.

Quesion: Can I use one subscription on multiple Roku Players?
Answer: At the moment each subscription is only good for one Roku player, multiple Roku players require multiple subscriptions.

Question: My subscription is almost done how do I renew it?
Answer: Simply re-buy the package you’d like and add your current username to the notes when sending the payment so that we credit your account accordingly.

Question: What is a Roku Player and where can I get one?
Answer: Roku is a streaming player like AppleTV, and Google Chromecast. There are different models for sale such as the Roku 1, Roku 2, and Roku 3.  You can purchase a Roku Player from Amazon, Best Buy, Office Depot, or any Electronic Outlet.


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